Mighty Flea and other unusual yoyos?

I’m waiting for my classic to arrive so I can use that instead of the Brain (I really don’t like the clutch gimmick). However I was wondering about more gimmicky/unusually shaped/sized yoyos. I was looking at the Mighty Flea for a start but I was wondering how it’s handling is, does it lose much from it’s small size?

It can’t have proper weight distribution so it loses considerable spin time. The gap is also very small so you can’t really layer tricks well. It’s not a good yoyo but it’s different. Undersize yoyos are not going to perform as well as full size yoyos. There’s exceptions but few to that statement. Considering your only yoyo is a classic besides a brain I suggest you get a more normal throw like the shutter.

Isn’t the Shutter unresponsive though? Not sure I want that.

The mighty flea is also unresponsive