Midsized yoyos


My definition of midsized is 53-55 mm

I really want to try a c3, budget=100, but cheaper is good too.


I think the DiBase would cover you quite nicely then. C3, $55
Not sure the specs. The Capless might be another good options to try. Also C3. Aren’t those like $65? I’m impressed with the brand.

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Well if you budget is 100$, I would recommend the Dark Sonic. Its an awesome yoyo, very very stable, and midsized.
If you want to go cheaper, as studio42 siad, go for the DI Base or Capless.

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The Capless clocks in at about 56mm if memory serves so might be a bit out of your size preference but it’s a great throw, especially at the ridiculously low asking price. Another option, if you’re willing to step away from C3 (who I absolutely adore, by the way) would be the sOMEThING FirMY which should set you back about $70.



Thanks for all the replies
But, the capless seems to be out of stock. There is still the DiBase,though.


The Capless will be restocked very soon. Definitely worth waiting for.

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Plus, what is the recognized size of “midsized”
Right now I have a Nessie and Cascade, both which I consider midsized, but I think there is a bit more room to still be midsized.

If that all makes any sense.


The FirMY looks great, however I am looking for a bit more dynamic shape.

I guess I am coming off a bit picky…


Not picky at all. I mean, if you’ve got a limited budget and can only get one throw, you have every right to be picky. Yoyos are a very personal thing.



Who cares if you’re picky You gotta live with it, get exactly what you want. Picky is good, you know what you want.

Firmy is great. I’m not interested in getting a Dark Star right now. Capless, yes. I have a DiBase and a Halo and I love those.


I actually ended up getting a Halo

I guess it was a little bit over midsized, but I wanted a delrin


I like the shape, weight and material of the Halo. I’m super pleased with it. I hope you are too.

I buy based on what grabs my eye. I do have preferences but I have no issue not sticking to them. This way I won’t miss out on a great yoyo. That’s just how I like to do things.