Good YoYo's for Intermediates?

I’m looking for a yoyo that isn’t really high priced, less than $75, and good for intermediates. I’m thinking of getting the yoyofactory ProtoStar or yoyofactory NorthStar. If you have any suggestions of what yoyo I should get please relpy to this post, and put the cost of that yoyo please ;D

Dark magic 2 $50

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YYF Severe, sOMEThING FirMY and C3 Capless.


Dark Magic 2 ~$50, C3 Capless ~$65

The C3 Capless is a wonderful full-sized metal. The quality and design are right up there with $100+ throws, so if you’re venturing into the higher end of your budget, it’s hard to go wrong with that one.

The Northstar is good.

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Di base! It is really smooth as well as awesome for grinds a little undersized but its fine it is absolutely a great throw if I were you get it instead of a DM2.

3YO3 Capella. Amazing undersized Delrin $75

What are your preferences?

A capless or a protostar can be a safe choice for the price.