Microsoft Yoyo

I happened to stumble on this article and thought it was interesting.

Probably not the highest quality, but still could be fun and entertaining.

Admin- I thought about posting this in news, but I’m not a manufacturer, so was not sure.  Feel free to move it if need be.

That’s kind of neat. Look like they could use some wet-sanding, though. :slight_smile:

LOL…why would you try to WET sand it as opposed to standard sanding?

To get a smoother finish.

Really? could you elaborate that? :-\

The sanding doesn’t have to be wet. It does help prevent plastic dust from floating around and getting into your eyes, skin, and lungs, though.

Exactly!!! Wet sanding comes in very handy when sanding big projects (such as sanding sheet rock indoors so you don’t have to breathe all the dust) highly unnecessary and with no real advantage to WET sand a 2 inch diameter yoyo ::slight_smile: