How to Make your Plastic Yoyos Shine

You know how your plastic yoyos can get kind of dull and not shiny like they used to be? Here is how to make them shiney again!

The Idea
Polishing the outer layer of the yoyo with sandpaper and felt.

Why Does It Work?
The reason this works is because the fine sandpaper smothes the surface and the felt removes the dust.

The List
You need
Dull yoyo
2,000 sandpaper
Throw a really hard sleeper
Take 2,000 sandpaper and go over the yoyo while it is spinning (you don’t need to go around the yoyo just over the edges like a profile view). Make sure to get all of the yoyo.
Repeat steps 1-2 except use felt instead of sandpaper.
That’s it, Your done!

You really didn’t put them in steps. But overall it’s good! Needs a sticky!