mez bummedz

i traded my 2a set for a cream ;D 2 hyper raiders for a brand new cream
but now i want to learn 2a but i only have a pulse and speed bettle but some how i lost the caps ???
and they are unresponsive on loops :frowning: and i oiled the bearings with car oil unresponsive and garage door motor grease unresponsive ???

any ways i want to get 2 looper for a good price were can i get it shoot me a pm with the link :stuck_out_tongue:


Why not buy Sunsets from YYE?

im running low i dont have 33 bucks il iked my hyper raiders

You could buy 2 speed bettles and do them the 720 mod.

i have a speed bettle but the caps r gone

Well save up. Thats about as cheap as they come. This thread is kinda useless, cause you can go onto yoyo store sites and compare prices, and get the cheapest. And if you still donโ€™t have enough money, search the bst, or as I said, just save up money.

-James Reed