looping yoyos

Okay so I am starting to learn to loop but all I have is a fireball and it’s not that good. I can only make loop about 4 times before it goes on it’s side or spins out of control. If I got a sunset trajectory
would it be more stable.

sunsets ARE easier to learn on (as are loop 720’s imo), but once you develop the muscle memory and the wrist strength, you’ll be able to loop a fireball just fine.

ok thanks.

Well really you should be fine with the fireball(s). If I’m not mistaken, they were made for looping. From what I’ve heard, just about any yoyo (maybe including this one, maybe not) made for 2a will be just fine for it.

the issue with fireballs is that the nylon transaxle can become very (and inconsistently) unresponsive, which can bring it from a great looper to a terrible looper in virtually no time at all. using a thick grease on the axle will help (or you can mod it to use raider guts), but the sunsets and loop 720s are WAY easier to maintain.

but are sunset’s or loop 720’s easier to loop with.

depends who you ask. i find loops to hop better and play a little lighter, looser and faster, but i like the feeling of siliconed sunsets better personally, and i find them easier to maintain good control angles. both are great yo-yo’s (imo better than speedles or raiders, and WAY easier to get to work well than modded raiders).