thinking about starting 2A

hey, i’m thinking about starting 2A, i’m wondering what yoyos you guys recommend. i would really like it if it could be under $10. other than that i don’t have any other preferences. thanks!

$10 each or for a set?
check on the b/s/t for an unleashed, sunset trajectory, loop 900, or modded raider.

try some speed beetles

shinwoo loop

They aren’t sold at this store but a pair of Spintastics Technics worked great for me. I still use them for 2a.

Yeah, 10 bucks for one or the whole set. You’re not gonna get too far in the new yoyo’s under ten bucks a set, hard to find a great looper under 5 bucks. But as you heard ^, Spintastics have decent cheap yoyo’s.

BST have cheap great yoyo’s, like the Sunset, Unleashed, Loop 720 or 900, Raider (EX) and more.

I would recommend the Unleashed but they’re 18 bucks new so you gotta go for the BST for this. I think it has a changable gap, and it loops very well, people with Loop 900 or 720’s say that they can compare this to them, maybe even better prefered.

Sorry guys, I meant $10 bucks per yoyo

If you’re going all the way to the most advanced, tough luck.

But, really, you can get a cheap looper, and loop with it fine. Just that you might get into some problems when trying out more advanced 2A tricks.

Try the BST section, I recommend the Unleashed, see if you find some there.