I want to start getting into 2A


I’ve been impressing some of the kids at school with my yoyo but I can’t do it to often because I don’t like putting my yoyo in my pocket because it hurts and it stretches my jeans. So I want to learn how to do 2A well so I can do it on the go or if I just want to keep throwing something at high speed.

So my question is which yoyo is good for a beginner 2A’er? I would like to keep it cheap, nothing in the price range of Loop900.


A pair of shinwoo loops


you could try the b/s/t for some cheap loopers
or shinwoo loops are good
duncan pulse/speed beetles aren’t bad

and you could get a yoyo holder. which is just a live strong band, a wooden bead thing, and a carabiner.