2a yoyo

Ok so I am planning to start learning 2a any suggestions of what yoyos to start with???
I was thinking loop 900 but i hear they break too easy…

any advise would help


I use sunsets. They are nice to start out with and to continue on to the highest level.

you can also start out with loop 720s they are awesome!!!

I’ve heard that Yomega Fireballs are amazing looping yoyos

i have a pair and hate them imo the speed beatles are good beginner loopers for a affordable price

Loop 900’s are actually very durable. They don’t break easily. I suggest the Loop 900 for all 2A skill levels. They RULE at 2A!!! They are like the ultimate 2A yoyo. Too bad they are out of stock until August. Then I would just get the Loop 720.

i have a sunset trajectory and it is awesome… its great to learn with