I really REALLY Wanna learn 2a.
But, I have No Cash watsoever.
I was hoping somebody had a Pair of Really Good 2a Yoyos to trade.
Here is a link to my B/S/T Post.
Let me know if you have a good pair of 2a yoyos for sale. MINT PLEASE.
I am Mostly looking for:

-YYF Loop900s or 720s.
-Modded Yomega Raiders.
-Spintastic Tornados 2s.
I don’t know much about 2A Yoyos, so you tell me whats good.

Let me know if your Interested!
-Cody Wright

if you want them, I have some fireballs… I can send 2 or 3… 1 is modded so it won’t come apart, but plays super well at 2a red in color(if you want it), the other 2 are stock (black and orange)

Sorry. I would, but Im trying to look for 2 2A Yoyos that are the same.


the two stock fireballs are the same. same color and everything. they are good at 2a. if you send them to a modder, then they get even better.

sorry i only have one but i can trade or sell you a duncan proyo…( for about $5-10)