metropolis string snapping.


So traded for a metropolis recently… There was a known problem of string snapping that i was well aware of before trading. I played it for a bit and string was ok. Finally the string snapped and it flew across the room, broke after about 30mins of play. Didn’t break anything thankfully. Figured out that the snapping was due to the little ridge around the response pads. I took it under my own hand to try and fix it. I first sanded it down to more of an angle, so it wasn’t as sharp of an edge. Then I smoothed it out with less course sand paper. Felt pretty smooth at first, no possible way to cut the string this time right? Well I threw it down, felt good, didn’t seem to be cutting the string. Threw a few tricks and then the string snapped again, flying across the room. This time it only took like 2 minutes for the string to snap. Soo what the heck happened? What should I do to try to fix this? I’ll post pictures if needed.


Could be the finish on it. I don’t own one but if I’ve played a mate’s and if I recall correctly, the blast finish on it is quite aggressive.



I dont think its agressive enough to break strings like this. I’ve owned multiple anti-yo yoyos and other yoyos with very course finishes and they take more than 5 minutes to break strings, for me at least. I know people have experienced less time between breakage. That might be it… but I doubt it.

(M.DeV1) #4

I’ve had a yyf jk break string on the first throw.


Hmm… that might be it then. I contacted duncan. Not that I think they will be able to do anything about it.


They probably won’t since you’ve taken matters into your own hands AND you’re the second owner.

Buying NEW has its advantages. I bought a Metropolis and I had the same issue. I contacted Duncan and while they were slow to respond(it was the lead-up time to Worlds, super busy for yoyo companies), they swapped it out for a new one. Problem solved? Yes. The replacement one has yet to eat any strings.

Regardless, contact Duncan anyways. You might also use denim and/or felt to rub down the outer rim of the bearing seat as best as you can, as well as maybe pop a C-sized Centertrack in there.


It might be due to the way you reworked the ridge. You may have made it sharper.