metal yoyo's

i’m kind of a beginner at yoyoing so out of these yoyo’s do u think if best for me?
dv888,hectic,frantic, or genesis

well how beginner are you? can you bind?

yes, im about in the intermediate section

alright, what yoyo do you have now?

What yoyo do you have right now?

EDIT: Tyler beat me… When he replies, I will beat you!!

i started off with a legacy but its getting scratched up and its practically broken lets say tht

How is it practically broken?

well out of the yoyos you mentioned i would say dv888 or genesis, but if you like the legacy you may like the genesis considering its full size like the legacy

ty tyler and samad my other string somehow got stuck in the bearing and i cant take it out its also cotton,oh btw nice yt vids i remember u

lol, that was random! ;D