metal or plastic

What do you like best

I love all my yo-yos and enjoy playing with all of them. A lot of times I will just play with my Legacy all day long or I will do some 5a with my M1.

I like metal. Feels smoother to me.

my pgm ownz!!!

Personally, I like metal-rimmed.

I voted for plastic, though.

Metal-rimmed has more plastic than metal. ;D

And, I like it better because it won’t ding as much as a full metal, and won’t chip as much as a full plastic.

It’s almost a 50/50 shot. :wink:



Delrin to be exact.

Both, and half and half. :slight_smile:

Happy Throwing! =]

Yeah, I have a luce (delrin) and it beats a ton of my yoyo’s in play. Delrin is beast.