All metal vs plastic/metal

To make it clear, I love plastic yoyos with metal weight rims( plastic/metals), I however am scared of all metals because they hurt quite a bit when I bind them back. All metal yoyos without a dout have laser like accuracy, although I do believe that plastic/metals are just as good. With this said, what’s your opinion?

i only own plastics and i think they are just as good

I remember when I got my first metal. I was only used to the weight of a mosquito, and it kept on hurting me and it kept hurting my finger where the slipknot was. Now I am used to it, and a misquito seems much too light, but I still use it. I like to break out all my yoyos at some point.

I have one metal and a gazillion plastics. Never really liked the feel of the metal rimmed yoyos (besides the Mini Motrixx), but that’s just me. I’m not sure how metal yoyos hurt more than metal rimmed yoyos when they come back…

I have no metal plastic hybrids, but I may be interested in the dark magIc.

My 888 and Dingo always bite me with full force. the full plastics dont hurt so much. i mean, i love my Protostar.

I like all of them. The only difference I feel is when I’m holding them…