Metal Drifter/Xodus 2


Hey everybody! I recently purchased a Duncan Metal Drifter and Yomega Xodus 2 from Toys R’ Us.(Lame, I know.) But I can’t open them until Christmas! FML! Dx So if you know anything about either (or both) of these throws, please respond!

P.S. I got the Xodus for learning off-string.
P.P.S. I need the Metal Drifter Unsresponsive, which I know for a fact it is not.



Like you said the matel drifter is very responsive but you can remove a pad from it or by special sili pads. Also you can pay to have a groove put in and put silicone in it.


The drifter is a great budget metal. I’d check the yoyo modifications section here in the forum on how to clean the bearing. Once you clean it, it’s unresponsive.

The xodus 2 is fairly good for offstring. Since it has rubber rims, it will be hard to catch if it hits the ground. They take off haha. They play nicely though. Same as the drifter, I believe the bearing is lubed (not 100% on that), so it wouldn’t hurt to clean it.

They are some decent yoyos though. They can take you quite a ways.


I’ve been using the Xodus II for the past 2 days, I have to say it’s not my favorite. I’ve only used this yoyo for offstring, but it feels like it doesn’t spin long enough, and because of my suckiness at catching, it’s hard to catch on the string. Then again, I don’t have anything to compare it too. It also FLYS off if it drops while spinning…


Also just a word of advice if you start practicing and get good at 4a i picked up a fiesta 2 at worlds and it is amazing.


How does the Drifter compare to the YYF One? That’s what I currently throw.