metal Die Nasty...?

Perhaps a stupid question…and I’m missing something obvious….but is there a metal version of the Die Nasty…? I know the ROCKstar /Protostar deal….just wondering if the same is true for the Die Nasty….

It seems like the Die-Nasty has been ignored by YYF, except, of course, for the famous Glow Nasty. No, there has not been a metal Die-Nasty produced from YYF.

to me, its a slimmer version of the 888x in plastic. just saying

If anything, it’s more akin to the BOSS then the 888.

true dat

Thats a really good idea for Yoyofactory though “The Metal Die-Nasty” I like it :wink:

i ve had the original nasty and the glow and the dpacers in the glow make it worse than the normal
the metal nasty i a good idea i want it

A metal Die-Nasty that would be an awesome throw.

Well… when you think about it…

There’s the protostar, the northstar, the starlight, and the rockstar.

Two regular plastic yoyos, one GITD yoyo, and a metal yoyo, all with the same shape.

Then there’s the plastic grind machine, die-nasty, and the glow-nasty.

Two plastic yoyos, and one GITD yoyo, all with the same shape.

It seems like yoyofactory should be making a metal die-nasty/grind machine any time now, if this isn’t just a coincidence… (yes, I know yoyofactory had a metal grind machine, but it wasn’t really the same shape, correct me if I’m wrong)

as my (former) history teacher would say, “shut en zie up”


Your (former) history teacher has almost been beginning to scare me…

the “shut en zie up” he did as a joke, hes really american, not german. :smiley:

grind machine should have a different name… compared to even their own other throws its far behind… is that why people say PGM ;D

I know, but you’ve mentioned him before…

Have you guys seen the Whip yet ?
Im not positive, but it looks really similar to the ol DieNasty shape, has the same texturing and all.
They getting good mileage out of that shape, DieNasty PGM,PGMII,CounterAttack,and now the…
the Whip.
heres a weee bit I found on the YYF blog concerning the Whip…

And there is a Auldey yoyo called Pegasus that reminds me of the shape. Its aluminum, and the hub area is just flat, no stak, no nub/spike.

i’ve read that the die nasty is pretty much the pgm w/o hubstacks (could be totally wrong on this, as i’ve never held one)

and the pgm is based on the gm2.