YYF Die-Nasty Review


So I’ve had the Dienasty for about 2 weeks now and figure I’d give it a review.

Diameter: 55.78mm
Width: 40.58mm
Response: Broad CBC Pad
Weight: 68.6 grams

First Thoughts: The shape reminds me of the Whip or Plastic Grind Machine, it is basically a plastic version of the Roll Model also by Steve Brown. The glowing in the dark is a pretty cool feature of this yoyo. (It’s easier than you think to yoyo in the dark ;)) Another thing was that even though it’s nearly 69 grams, it plays quite fast. I was surprised that it played faster than my YYJ Theory.

Play: I needed a plastic that I could take wherever and this one fits the bill. It can spin for easily 1 minute plus. It’s beast for 5a, (duh, that’s what it was intended for) but rocks 1a just as much (nice for grinding also). I’ve smashed it on concrete a few times and not much damage was done. As a matter of fact, I don’t even feel the little scrapes anymore, no vibe, nothing. It has a Center-Trac bearing so it has thesame setup as the Protostar and Shaqlerstar.

Conclusion: Great yoyo for the price and it is quite a good plastic, great take anywhere throw, especially because as of late, I’ve been hearing on the froums that lots of nice metals have been dinged or taken by little brats and while this yoyo is cheap, you are not sacrificing any of the play found in higher end metals. The Dienasty…I would recommend it highly.

Thoughts, questions, criticism, feedback are all appreciated. Thanks!


Great review! I traded mine to a friend, but I loved it!


thanks man, coming from you, that means a lot!


I know this is annoying, but I would like some more feedback please…


Lol technically the Die Nasty came in before the Roll Model and the Die Nasty was based off of the PGM without the hubstacks. They added some weight too. Overall, nice and concise review!


That’s right! oh well, it reminde me abit like a roll model but yeah, even more so a PGM!


I was talking to Steve Brown at Indiana states yesterday and the Rollmodel was based off of a early YYF called the Grind Master.


So I’m guessing the lineage would be: grind master -> grind machine -> PGM -> die nasty -> Roll Model?

Some pictures are always good but otherwise, a nice concise review. Agree with most of your comments. Mine played pretty well for the price but wow, was it noisy!