-This is my first review so any suggestions are welcome. (i know that i’m kinda comma-happy)
The DIE-NASTY is an inexpensive (but not cheap) yoyofactory plastic with unresponsive play in mind. There is almost no reason for not owning this yoyo at only !17 dollars!. It features a wide fixed gap and a center trac bearing (more on that later). I love the weight of this yoyo(66 grams), I learned with a kickside so it may just be that i’m used to it. The k-pad response is what I really like about this yoyo, it makes it completly unresponsive while always giving tight binds. I’ve had this yoyo for about two months and just changed the pads last week after they fell out. The yoyo is 55.78 mm in diameter and 40.58 mm wide so it fits very well in the hand. The H-shape feels kind of akward at first but it makes it great for 5a.
Okay, the center-trac bearing, from experiance with a stock yoyojam bearing i think it is a lot smoother and breakaways are a dream. Unless your throw is really crooked the string will not touch the sides. The bad thing, the bearing is loud, my parents and brother say thay can hear it in their sleep but it doesn’t bother me. It comes in two colors, blue and red. I would recommend to anyone looking for an inexpensive but advanced yoyo.(it is perfect for school)