I know its a new yo yo but if anyone has one i was wondering how good they were. I was thinking about getting one.

(Mitch) #2

Not sure how they play but Im getting one!

At 17 bucks yah cant go wrong…

And a Steve Brown yoyo, yanno it has to be at least half decent, the FreeHand line is good right?

(SR) #3

The Die-Nasty isn’t a bad yo-yo, it’s just that I feel it is a carbon copy of the PGM except with out hubstacks and with sidecaps. I have tried one. Good for $17 bucks though.

(JonasK) #4

It’s heavier than a PGM. Almost a remake of the original stackless PGM, without the option of removable weight rings. And then it’s 17 dollars, cheap. Not too many reviews on this thing, search around or just buy one, 17 dollars isn’t really that much.


yea go with it, i really want to hear how the center trac bearing plays and how it is compared to the spec, anyone know which one is better


Neither is really going to be better. The Center Trac is newer though. It could possibly be an improved version of the SPEC though, so I’m not sure on that part.


k i may get a die nasty near november (or when they come out on YYN) lol anyone know the dates they come out on YYN???


It’s here on yye. Just get it here, if its not a hassle.


If the site you are posting on has them in stock, please don’t ask us about other stores shops. We want to give the place we are posting out business.

Why couldn’t you get one right now…?


hey guys i just completed my order on the die-nasty it will probably be here thursday ill write a review

(Mitch) #11

I odered mine last night! I was going to wait untill I had the money to buy my second metal (Which I still haven’t decided on yet) and get them both at once but I couldn’t help myself… and 17 bucks… I mean… Thats like nothing after you spend over 100 on a yoyo…

I think Im going to try making a video review


i just order mine as well with a few more things and probably will not make a review but im going to make a video


If its less than 20$ and has Steve Browns name on it… How can you go wrong? I’m not getting one right away. (I just got a CLYW and i’m not allowed to get another yoyo for awhile lol) But I’d like to get better with 5a.


cool guys i just looked at the stock on them and now thers no more crazy!


hey guys when you get the die nasty if you get it before thurs. can you send me a review in pm thank you


They play pretty well especially for the price.

However, the center trac bearing isn’t as good as a KK and I see it as only a little improvement over the SPEC.

(Mitch) #17

Will do… Im hoping I get mine tomorrow!

What color did you get? I got the red


Can you explain ‘why’ for me (and others)?

(JM) #19

Tone doesn’t transfer over the internet, so realize I am not being mean.

Have you played a center-trac yet? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my KK, but the new SPEC bearing is awesome!

If you’re going to make a claim like this, please elaborate.


I worded that wrong. I like SPECs a whole lot better than KKs, but they don’t have as great and effect because there is more space in the middle of the bearing for the string to slide around on.

I do like the Center-Trac better than the SPEC and KK. I was just trying to point out that the string-centering effect isn’t as good as the KK.