YYF Die-Nasty Review

So, i just got my YYF Die-Nasty today. My axle was loose. Maybe just a defect. Anyways, even with the axle loose it still plays well. I would recommend this for a Intermediate player becoming advanced. Comes with a Center Trac Bearing if you didnt know. Has Silicone Pads and Spacers. The feel in your hand is just amazing. I have it in blue. That perticular shade of blue is amazing. I Have nothing to say really. Its just an awesome yoyo.

Price: $15-$20
Price: 9/10
Shape: 10/10
Spin Times: 9/10
Feel in Hand: 10/10
Inside of Yo-Yo: 7/10
Overall 8.95/10

I really recommend this yoyo for Intermediate Yo-Yo’ers. Beginners dont get this yoyo.
Dont let the price fool you. Its cheap, but really worth it. Trust me!

is the price based on how good it is your just your budget? because if its based on your budget you wont get into the amazing higher end yoyos like the G5

its a good yoyo for the price. not on a budget.

not all yoyos have to be in the high end of a budget to be good

Loose axle thing is normal/how it’s supposed to be.

It’s good but I don’t like the noise, and there’s no reason why the spacers have to be stuck on like it’s welded.

And it wobble/vibes.

Thats probably just yours.

is it responsive

is it responsive

Nope. Completely unresponsive.