Met a thrower at Taco Bell!!!


So I was at a grand opening of a Taco Bell in my area. Saw a kid with a throw on his side. Was pretty cool to meet another thrower. Seemed a lil put off when I asked about the throw hahahahaha.


Why did you post this twice?


What did you order? Got pics?


Messed up the first time lol just some soft tacos sadly no pics


There’s a “modify your post” button, you know.



What was the throw?


Not on the mobile app




I don’t remember off hand the name. But I do remember it was an older YYJ


SF Heavy Gravity?
Hitman Hybrid?
Sigma Blade Zwei?
Night Moves?


wait, I could have SWORN some posts got deleted in this thread. The yoyo was called the Clessiah, I think…why isn’t that guys post there anymore?


Forum crash and rollback.


Yes, I just saw the thread. Thanks!