messiah vs skyline and 888

sorry if this annoys u guys just compare a yyr messiah and a yyf skyline and 888 coz i just want ur opinions on these yoyos

Do you live in a larger city? Perhaps you can go to a yoyo club/meet or find someone nearby who can let you try out a bunch of throws.

I just base my purchases off what looks good to me and then I double check to make sure there aren’t any bad reviews. If the reviews you find are positive, chances are it’s a good throw. Honestly, I like pretty much all yoyo’s, just some more than others. I haven’t come across a bad one because I simply research the throw and make sure it has good reviews.

Shape, Size, Color. Does the shape appeal to you? Does the size fit within your preferences? Is it available in a color that you like? Check for a review. Call it a day.

If I see another one of these, I might cry though. When are you going to bite the bullet on one of these yoyo’s? You could be playing with them instead of trying to figure out which one is “better”. P.s. any skilled yoyo’er will be able to do any given trick on any 3 of them. (Except the Messiah can’t do hubstack tricks… not like anyone is doing those in 2013 anyway)

I have my eye on the Strix. I haven’t read any reviews on it, but by the shape, size, color, engravings, price, I’ve already made up my mind on buying it. That’s all you really need to do. If a yoyo gets past prototyping, you’d like to hope it would be nearly flawless (given we’re talking $100+ yoyo’s here). Anyone who produces a $100+ yoyo that vibes, isn’t stable, etc, will be scrutinized for it by our very honest community.

I absolutely love my 888 but the skyline was a super fun throw also. Unfortunately however I have not thrown a messiah but I haven’t been that big a fan of the yyr’s I’ve thrown.

Haven’t played a Messiah so no comment there. As for 888 vs Skyline, I’d throw my hat in for the Skyline. Much smoother and stabler than the 888 (at least the 2010 version of the 888).


i live in perth city and i can’t find any yoyo stores ore yoyo clubs

I have played both. The skyline felt a little clunky to me, and I liked the 888 a lot for it’s smoothness.

Why so many vs (facepalm) and the Messiah is a good throw! Jut not for me it’s being traded for a KLR today…