Messiah vs Positron vs Co-Lab

Has anyone tried a Messiah, Positron, Co-Lab? I haven’t been able to find too many reviews on any of these (apart from “it’s really good”) and want to know your guys’ thoughts. I know these aren’t similar yoyos at all, so I’m not looking for a direct comparison so much as personal thoughts. Any input is appreciated, thanks

Get a Onedrop Markmont classic.

I have a positron 2
It obliterates all clyws i have played

Messiah is solid but to a point that I don’t really enjoy how it feels on the string. I generally don’t like my undersized yoyos to be like rocks. Co-Lab is one of the oddest throws I’ve tried in a while. Really hard to explain but may be a bit centerweighted. If you’re trying to just get a fun throw that’s different from the rest I’d grab that. Positron is on the other end of the spectrum where it plays fast and stable. Auldey just started a colab with turning point to make chinese edition positrons for under $50 but they’re hard to find since they’re so new.

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