Messiah or dreadnought?


So wich is best, is it worth it and your thoughts on both yo-yos. Im planning to buy one of these.


Okay, other than being YYR, these two throws have pretty much nothing in common. Haven’t played a Messiah, but from what I gather, it’s an undersized beast that’s perfect for intricate tech tricks at high speeds. The Dreadnought, on the other hand, I do own. It’s a monster of a throw. You can push it to higher speeds but it’s naturally slower and more methodical. Good for a chilled afternoon or when you’re trying to learn some new whips and slacks.

Which is ‘best’ for you depends entirely on your play style. That said, I strongly suggest holding on for another week or two before pulling the trigger. A lot of members here have ordered YYR mystery boxes and there might be quite a few YYRs popping up in the BST soon at lower than retail.



Both. They’re about as different as can be. Both excel at what they do, but up to you to decide what kind of yoyo you want.


I thought this thread might be a joke considering the size differences of these yoyos.


Completely different yoyos. One is oversized, and one is small. You have to think, do I want a large yoyo or a small yoyo? Because thats the biggest difference.


It really comes down to witch you think you will like more. They are both very stable and have extremely long spin times. The messiah is a little faster than the dreadnought but they can both move pretty fast if you push them. Just depends on witch size you would prefer. I have both and you can’t go wrong with either one. If you think that you may trade it away if you end up not liking it then I think that it would be just a tad easier to trade the messiah.

Also don’t get the dreadnought G or the six. The dreadnought G is just so heavy I could never throw it full force because it is honestly kinda scary (80g) and the six (newer Takihiro Iizuka sig model) slips on binds so much and doesn’t spin quite as long as the messiah.