Dreadnought G vs. Dreadnought vs. Sleipnir?

So I finally decided to give in and buy a YYR. Im not sure whats plays the best out of all of these so I was just wondering what you guys thought.

Hmm lets see. They’re $190 dollar yoyos. I pretty positive they all play great.

Which one looks the coolest?

Well that was helpful.

While I have never personally played any of these. I will give you my speculations as noone else seems to be helping you.

The Dreadnought G should be avoided like the plague if you don’t like heavy throws. Not only is this one heavy…it has been reported to cause should and wrist discomfort from extended use.

I hear the Dreadnought is a great player and much more feasible to manuever compared to it’s bigger brother.

By the looks of the Sleipnir…you can’t go wrong.

May I suggest a Stargazer or Stardust? The Star gazer V1 is an epic throw.

Not sure about the Dreadnought G, but the Dreadnought plays like a champ for 5A

If you want a serious, main-player type throw, you can cross the Dreadnought G off the list. I’ve owned 2 and traded both of them for the simple fact that I couldn’t stand to throw it after a good period of time.

Other than that, it really boils down to your weight preferences. The Sleipnir is 65g (my personal sweet spot) and the Dreadnought is 68g. I find the Sleipnir to be a bit more zippy on the string, whereas the Dreadnought is a bit more slow and floaty because the weight is so much more spread out.

My personal favorite though out of all the YYRs I’ve played so far is the Overdrive. It’s only 2.5mm smaller in diameter than the Dreadnought but the same weight as the Sleipnir. If you can find one, I’d suggest you snatch it up. Really though I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in either of those. Really great stuff.