How do they compare to the rest if the YYR line up?

79G is one of the best yoyos Ive ever played. Just wish it wasnt SO SO big.

Worth trading something like a chief for?

I’d say not. Dreadnoughts are more of a novelty throw. Not something you’d instinctively reach for or grab to take around town.

Really? I totally did with my dread!

I heard that people that play dreads find that their yo finger becomes longer. I think I also recall hearing that the dread was actually used in mid evil times as a form of torture. I believe it was a little heavier than todays dread. Thieves were made to yo until their finger fell off.

I don’t know if there is any truth to that, just what I heard somewhere ::slight_smile: .

If 79g is heavy for you guys, you have not tried my 100g Speedmaker.