stargazer or dreadnought?????????????????????????????

I am buying an expenvive yoyo this year in the hong kong yoyo pro store. Both cost the same but which one is better?

dreadnought is huge and the stargazer is smaller so if u dont like big yoyos go with the stargazer

Dreadnought wins in stability.

if u like a lighter yoyo, go for the Stargazer, if u prefer heavier yoyos and u like to do tricks which goes around your body, go for the Dreadnought

The Dreadnought is a huge yo-yo. I haven’t tried it so don’t take my word for it but it does not look very practical. The Stargazer is a normal sized, normal weighted yo-yo that I am sure plays great. So unless you are looking for something new and unique, I think you should go with the Stargazer.

stargazer is NOT small at all. It is 54mm and that is almost full size. With that been said, I dont get why you are thinking about it… I mean dreadnought is 8mm bigger than stargazer, if you like super big yoyo go with it.

No yoyo is better. I would give a preferance speech but you have probably heard it before…

p.s. This is in the wrong section, this is not a review. :wink:

He didn’t say that the stargazer was small but said that it it was smaller than the Dreadnought.