A smaller Dreadnought?

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Was wondering if there’s a yoyo besides the Sleipnir that plays like the dreadnought but smaller?

Or should I have someone mod a Dreadnought for me?

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you kinda answered your own question… when u said the sleipnir was smaller! :stuck_out_tongue: theres ur answer


I think he meant what yoyo plays like the Dreadnought but is smaller, and don’t say the Sleipnir.

As for your question, sorry but I can’t answer it. I have never played the Dreadnought. Or any yyr for that matter. Sorry I couldn’t help.

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I meant BESIDES the Sleipnir.

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you could check out a couple other yyrs, like maybe a gleipnir. I’ve only thrown a dreadnought G though, so not sure how the normal dreadnought plays.

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I’ve tried it it’s tooo soild compared to the Dread.

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