Messiah or Six?


I plan on getting either a YYR Messiah or a Six.
How do they play in comparison to one-another?
Which one do you like more and why?

Also planning on trying some YYRstring, anyone tried any of it?



Six is more unique with the width and D-bearing. Both are great undersized yoyos though. I’d be hard pressed to choose a favorite. With them priced where they are just get both, that’ll give you free shipping as well. :slight_smile:


I prefer the Six. I was very surprised when I tried it. I thought I wouldn’t like it because of it’s weird body, but I LOVED it. It basically gives you the pros of a undersized (ie. chopstick ease, manuverability, etc.) while you giving you a Full Size worthy Catch Zone. I liked it more than the Messiah because the Messiah’s width was proportionate to its diameter. I say go with the Six, you will be surprised.


Thanks for the help guys!
I was kinda set on the Messiah but now I think I might go with the Six. It’s definitely a lot more ‘different’ than my other YYR’s.

Although getting both would certainly end the dispute…


Haha, easy solution right there!


I’m honestly going to tell you you can’t go wrong with either both are IMO the 2 best sub 53mm throws ever made.


Yea, I’m sure, It IS YYR after all… I already ordered though. Went with the Six (black) and threw in a Yellow Diffusion for free shipping. If the Messiah’s stick around long enough maybe I’ll grab one later, I feel like I can take a good guess how the Messiah will play, I’m just hoping for the best with the Six. I’m excited to try it.


I was gonna say get both. But everyone else already did.

Since shipping is $13, if you can’t get both the 6 and the Messiah, you gotta get something else. Even a diffusion becomes attractive when it is only $17 more than if you don’t get it.

My solution was to get them both. I am a little sorry I didn’t grab a Dreadnought. I already have a DreadnoughtG, but think I should have grabbed the dreadnought anyway.


Yeah Dreadnaughts out of stock now :frowning:
Are you saying you GOT both the messiah and six? If so, how do you like them?


I did get them both, as well as a Z-ON and a diffusion. They are not here yet. I wish I could say.

I have a reclash, clash cube, dreadnoughtG, e=mc2, attune, and triplet. I like the attune best, dreadnoughtG and clashCUBE about the same second best. So that will give you a little context when I get the new ones.