ClashCube or Six???????


I finally can buy a YYR. Im looking at the clash cube and the six particulary. Which one should I get?


I was amazed by the 6, very, very different from how I thought it would play. I thought it would be similar to the Messiah, but it’s quite different. No need to say that it plays extremely well :wink:


My 6 is probably the best YYR i’ve owned. Super cool shape, plays amazing. Clashcube is really fun as well, and can be had for a real good price at a certain international site. I found the Clashcube a little harder to throw smooth, but that’s just my lack of technique i believe. Both are great, just up to you to decide if you want to pay ~$75 more for the 6 over the CC. Should also note that the Messiah is my least favorite YYR and both play far far better than it imo.