Yoyorecreation Six


Who has played these? I’ve always been curious as to how they play and I haven’t been able to find much feedback or any reviews on them. What are they like?


I’ve heard a few times that it’s the best undersized yoyo out there, the one to beat.


Heard the same about the Messiah. Always curious about the six though because of it’s odd dimension ratio and D-bearing. Not to mention the suuuuper beefy rims.




Super unique and cool yoyo. Great shape, plays nice, highly recommend.


I absolutely love mine. It’s a great undersized throw and the width/weight distribution give it a pretty cool, unique feel. Probably my favorite undersized at the moment.


I’ve been looking into YYR more lately and this one has always caught my eye for 2 reasons:

1: It’s a rather unique throw

2: It’s Takahiro Iizuka’s signature. He’s been one of my favorite players since I started throwing haha

And now it looks like Yoyorecreation is selling them at a discount on their website… Hmmmmm


I got to try one, it was fantastic, probably better for all around feeling and performance than the messiah but I felt that the messiah was better for horizontals, which I love. A great yoyo nevertheless.