Yoyo Ideas

What yoyo ideas have you come up with?
What would you like to see in the future from your favorite companies?
An idea that I would like to see is the Pocket Chief. It should have less of a diameter than the chief and be lighter (but still maintain the good competition type of yoyo). Also have the double ring/rim design that the chief has andhave a CTX bearing with aqua snow tires. Maybe even make it a budget metal, I don’t have every detail but it’s an idea! :smiley:

there’s like 2 or 3 other threads like this.

Some kind of slightly undersized V-shape Yoyo with like those round rims the Genral yo torrent 2s round rim thing with side effects in the middle.

The YYR 6 is considered the best undersized yoyo ever by many, especially in stability. Why? Because of the shape and width. It’s crazy wide, and has a massive amount of rim weight. So… my idea is to make a full sized or even oversized version of the 6. Imagine the stability of it.

Undersized yoyos are considered pocket sized. However, pocket sized throws have to have a small width, a small diameter doesn’t really matter if it has a 45mm width. Soo… An H-shape oversized yoyo with a small width(36mm) with lots of rim weight and steel rings on the rims. A true pocket sized yoyo that plays as good as it can for that small width.

This would be my signature yoyo. Full sized, nearly oversized(57mm), very wide(47mm). Stepped V shape like the Sleipnir. A small flat hub for superior fingerspins, like the Valor, except without that extra little ring on the flat hub. Large grooves like the One Drop T1 for superior finger and arm grinds. An IGR like the Mo-vitation for easy and superior thumb grinds. Low wall for superior horizontal. Soda blasted for superior grinds.

The 6 is so stable because it has all that rim weight in such a small frame I don’t think it would work if it was boosted up in size while maintaining the same stability while keeping the weight where everyone would like it. Good idea but don’t think it would work

I’d love to see something… anything… done with Tungsten weight rings/rims. Dat density…

  1. The only difference is it’s a more organic shape rather than v. 54 is really close to that description

The 54 is mid sized, no?