Yyr Messiah vs Six

I have a messiah already, and I am currently thinking about getting a six as well. The only thing I am worried about is how similar they would be and is it worth it to get both. If you have any other suggestions other than the six I typically like undersized to midsized, as my tricks have a lot of tech in them.

Completely different. Definitely no need to worry about that. The D-bearing, width, weight distribution, shape, etc. all make the Six feel really unique and not at all similar to the Messiah.

If you like undersized I suggest checking out the sOMThING Angle as well. By far my favorite undersize throw in terms of play.

Thanks for the help guys! I think I will probably get the six first, because I can get it cheaper, but will eventually get the angle.

I think slowyojoe has one on his BST for a decent price

I will check it out. Thanks! :slight_smile: