Messed up gyroscopic flop?

Alright, ever since I recieved my dark magic, it has been an excellent player. One thing that frustrates me though, is that it used to do flops like a pro, three down pat. However, since I can no longer accomplish even one. It just makes a sound as the yoyo slows down due to the pressure. If it spins at all, it’s because it is either spinning out or spinning the opposite way a little. I have only done the following to it: removed one cap, switched out the bearing, and put a shim in. What could be wrong? If it matters, it’s bearing is thin lubed with valve oil.

If the bearing is konkave or center track or anything thats your problem right there. Otherwise gap offsets the weight so if you just put one shim in that might be it.

Shouldn’t this be in the trick section?

Well I don’t think KK’s or center tracs are a problem because I tried flops with the acryllion with a KK in it and It worked great with the Gyro Flops.

Putting one shim will upset the balance of the yo-yo but the caps won’t make a huge difference.

Not really because he’s asking about a yo-yo problem. He’s already got down the trick.

Okay, it has gotten better since I have removed a shim and there may have been a flaw in my technique. I think it’s better now, but I still don’t have 3 in a row, but that may be the bearings fault, not as good as the one I switched it out with.

I also learned from my Speedmaker (which has the hybrid response also) that the starburst on the side will slow down the spin as you tilt the string. I don’t think it’s true with a lot of hyrbid yo-yos but that’s what happens to me.

Watches Andre pull off 7 in a row with a Dark Magic

Nah, I don’t think so.


whell its the starburst and the o ring rubbing agenst the string. try wideing your gap it might work better