Mercury or Dv888

OK, so after some threads before this, there were 2 threads talking about this new Mercury yoyo. In case you don’t know, here:

But for the people who have this yoyo like Preinfalk, could you just input some reasons and compaisions, so which would be best for me? I like to grind and I am Advanced-Expert-Master level.
And also what tricks can it handle.

Please don’t spam or put hate comments.

                                                                                               Thank You  :)

ok, here’s what I say. And yes, I’ve used both)

Mercury is able to grind like a beast. It has a blasted surface that is really good for grinding, whether its finger or hand. There is also a good lip for thumb grinds, and it’s easier to catch… The dv888 is just anno’ed? (can’t remember). So if you like grinding, either will do I suppose, but I prefer the mercury for grinds.

I would say the dv888 is smoother, but only just. My mercury has a slight vibe, but it’s barely noticeable, and it’s not visible on the sting.

The Mercury is bigger as well. It’s a fast and kinda floaty yoyo, but it moves at whatever speed you need it too. The shape looks good for 5a, but I’ll tell you for sure once I pick up a 2nd.

Also, just because I’ll say it. The mercury comes with a 10ball konkave, which is kinda rare for the US.

I’m my opinion, the mercury is $14 less than the dv888, but it well out preforms it. it’s in my top favorite yoyos. I’d fully recommend the Mercury over the dv888, unless you are a total yyf fanboy who doesn’t try other yoyos outside of yyf.

thanks a lot preinfalk and i have one more question: on the web in ebay, the desciption syas that it’s for junior to intermediate. that’s the problem cause i need it to handle master level tricks and other tricks like spirit bomb, suicide, laceration or whips.
Is the statement on ebay true, or is it just some kinda non-yoer blurting out fake stuff?

yeah, that got me there too. It can do any trick that’s out there. it can handle the tricks you listed as well. in fact, I do those well on the mercury. That’s why it’s one of my top yoyos. It makes me wonder that if that is intermediate, then what are their expert yoyos =P


I’ve always thought that the “for intermediate/advanced/master/blah blah blah” ratings were a bunch of crap. Pretty much any modern, fully non-responsive yo-yo can handle any trick. It’s purely up to the skill level of the user. I wouldnt worry about the skill level rating honestly. The Mercury and the Dv888 can both handle any trick you throw at them.

i know, i’m gonna probably go with mercury, cause then here’s the good thing:
i told my parents that i’m gonna spend $45 on a dv888, but now since i’m getting a $30 mercury, I have a spare $15 to spend!! yahahah!