I’ve been your yoyoing for about 3 years now and I’ve taught myself everything I know. Let’s be honest you’re a lot slower at learning when you’re teaching yourself.

So I was wondering if anyone knows of someone or would be willing to Mentor me to expand my tricks to the limits.

This guys really good…I think you should get him

Go straight to 18 minutes into the video and check how well you could do wraps and so forth

Try to find a nearby club or go to contests. Its a great way to see all kinds of new tricks and learn form others 1 on 1

Yeah the club thing is what I’ve always wanted to try, still haven’t tho… I’ve never looked but I’m sure we’ve got some in the Houston area. I’ve always thought that would make it way easier to learn and progress than even the best tutorial video

Yeah and another thing about clubs/contests is seeing so many people throw gives a lot of inspiration for tricks in terms of little techniques or moves you wouldn’t think to do on your own. They’re great for trading as well since you can actually try the Yoyo first

Thanks for your sugestions

A mentor would be ideal, but it’s not really feasible.

Just be aware of tricks and try to do them. Watch lots of yoyo contests and learn those tricks. If you cant learn those exact tricks, then make copycat versions that look the same. Best way to progress is to yo-yo a lot. I was bad at yoyoing for a long, long time. Then I got good. It takes time to get good, but all it takes is lots and lots of practice.

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