Don't Know How To Progress??

Hello, I’m new to the forum and yoyoing as a whole. I was foolish to get an unresponsive yoyo (Magicyoyo T5 overlord) which I have got to grips with. I can bind and I am learning my different mounts, but how do I progress? I am learning tricks and practicing them but always seem to be practicing the same stuff. I cannot find my yoyo community due to where I live and I feel like I am going to be stuck. What do I do?
Many thanks

Have you looked at the tutorials on this website?

Yep, I look at them, learn the trick and either just get caught in a loop of practising or I simply learn it then practice my mounts again. Also, though I now have the forums, the lack of a yoyo community means I have no motivation, I need a yoyo ‘Pen pal’ of some description.

Good day, Shiltsy. I’d say you are doing very well already if you just started with an Unresponsive Model and you can adapt to it. You progress by learning new tricks, jumping initial hurdles, getting stabler, getting smoother, creating your own tricks, learning and creating new lines. Practice is all that is required.
Welcome and Cheerio!

Thankyou very much for the advice and also the warm welcome. Do you know where I should look for a certain yoyo pen pal which I seem so desperate for?
Thanks again

Go to the “Yoyo Contests ad Clubs” and make a topic about where you’re at, or go to facebook and search yoyo [PLACE NAME HERE]

Some of us yoyo in relative isolation. :slight_smile: Try your best to find intrinsic motivation… “I do this because it’s fun. I get better because getting better is fun.”

For extrinsic motivation, you could aim for releasing some trick videos sometime. Being able to make a compelling short film might help push you forward. I always enjoy refining tricks for videos.

On the other hand, I love just practicing the same trick over and over, if it’s a good trick that’s fun to do. Like Branding. Or Superman.

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Thankyou Everyone, appreciate all of your input :slight_smile:

I would recommend just keep working and eventually You will start to find out new things and even start creating your own tricks. But most importantly DONT FORGET TO HAVE FUN. That is what yoyoing is for:) I myself have gotten to worried about learning and always improving and believe me that takes all of the fun out of it. So my advice to You is to just keep working learning and having fun:)

I personally yoyo in major isolation. I had a similar quandary when I began. As Greg said, find intrinsic motivation. I would’ve quit yoyoing early had I not remembered why I picked a yoyo back up as an adult. Because it’s the best kind of play, because it reminds me of childhood and makes me feel young. When I’m down, yoyoing can pick me up. When I’m up, it can make me feel even better. It helps me release stress and a reprieve from my anger issues. It entertains my nieces and nephews. When I’m yoyoing, I can’t seem to wipe a stupid grin from my face.

Follow Mike Montgomery on YouTube. This helped me out a lot. And watch yoyo fees
settles till you see something you want to do and try until you succeed.

Most of all, have fun.

Whilst the UK scene is nowhere near the size of the American one, there is still one and we still have contests and meetups.

If anything, the small size of the UK works to our advantage because you don’t need to travel anywhere near as far to get to contests and meets than you would if you lived in the USA. You can pretty much drive across the entire country in the same time it would take you to get across one US state. :slight_smile:

PMed with more details, have a looksie in your inbox.


Finally Gambit showed up it took him like a whole 3 days. But I guess I shouldn’t be talking :smiley:

Anyways deffinatly talk to Gambit he would know more than anyone about the yoyo scene over there. As far as keeping yourself motivated making video is a great idea because after a short while you’ll have a small group of people that look forward to your videos and than you are motivated to make there day and get another video out. There are times on some of my worst days when I wanted to quit yoyoing. But than I always think of “I can’t quit I have 55 Subscribers on youtube I have to keep making them videos and what about yoyoexpert I cant live with out the great people over there”.

So in short staying connected to the community is a great way to stay motivated. So Challange yourself and have fun. Welcome to the hobby.

Hahaha, Erik you cheeky fella! I was away most of this weekend so I didn’t get much of a chance to check the forums unfortunately. Let’s put it all down to bad timing. :stuck_out_tongue: