What motivates you?

Personally, I find no motivation. I’m not landing tricks anymore, and I’m becoming discouraged. How do you guys stay motivated?

I watch videos, I also try playing a different style, try to figure out new ways into mounts or changing a couple simple tricks around. If all else fails, I go do something else for a few hours.

Thanks, I’ll try that!!!

I’ve had problems with this too. I usually just give it a break for a few days, and by the end of hour 2 I’m back to throwing again. Also, I find that just looking for new throws can excite me into throwing again. You don’t even need to purchase some of the time. But it’s even more thrilling when you do get one, because then you feel like your connected to something new and fun, at least for me. And talking to other people on the forums or watching other peoples videos can make you discover new things to try. My $.02.

Have fun with what you do, proud with what you throw.

Go to a yoyo meet, talk to other yoyoer, let them encourage you, throw their yoyo, make new yoyo friends.

Post in this forum.

Watch video.

Really, all of that make me stay motivated to yoyo.

Well, it is important to do what you want to do.

If you really like yoyoing, you should look forward to it, and enjoy it.

If not, don’t do it. That applies to near everything in life.

There’s nothing wrong with taking a break.

well for me now its like what i do i really couldnt see me stopping unless i lose my hand LOL!

but anyway what i did a whie ago when i wasnt motivated was watched youtube vids tryed to

learn new tricks modded my yoyos and bought new yoyos.

I try to learn new tricks…ive been having this problem too, just watch youtube vids lol

I haven’t found a moment yet in my time playing yoyo where I needed to be motivated.

Playing yoyo is fun.

I like having fun.

Therefore, I like playing yoyo.

Therefore, I don’t have to be motivated to do something I like.

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Very well said J. Lev. I’ll take everyone’s advice and learn a new trick!

Well… I get motivated by watching Grant Johnson’s Stronger. Or Shinya Kido’s 2009 Worlds Freestyle.


Getting better makes me smile.
I like to smile!

Whenever I find an awesome song, I make a freestyle to it…

And whenever I see something that REALLY impresses me. Such as Palli’s EYYC freestyle. I was inspired for days.

When I get no motivation to yo-yo, I rip the silicone out of the yo-yos and re-flowable it and then I can’t wait for it to dry and break it in. Almost as good as getting a new yo-yo.

Therefore, we can easily see that you are motivated to yo-yo because it is a fun and enjoyable thing for you to do.

I have so many hobbies, if you have something else to do that is still fun do that then pick up your yoyo again and throw for a bit. Still not feeling the vibe? Hit that internet and look at all the yoyofourms you can find. Just reading a review about a yoyo makes me want to run and get an 888 out of my room or something.

I buy new throws every now and then and that keeps me interested, I try to learn different styles like Counterweight and Offstring. I also go on the forums and watch videos that just make me want to throw. Above all I learn constantly, I try to be focusing on learning at least one new trick all the time. If I’m not learning a new trick I’m working on one that I’m not quite satisfied with.

For instance right now I’m working on getting Matrix down as smooth as possible as well as getting Ripcord down a little more simply because I tend to do it very sloppy.

Because it’s fun and challenging. I like a good challenge hence I like to throw.