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We wanted to take the time to introduce you to the moderators on the YoYoExpert forums. These are the people behind the scenes that help to keep this place the fun and safe environment it is. Never hesitate to contact one of us with questions or concerns regarding the forum.

Thanks – André!


JRod started yo-yoing in 1998 during the boom of the 90s, gave it up in 2000, picked up a yoyo again in 2007, and then got heavily into it in 2008. He is the founder of the San Diego Yoyo Club and the Finger Lakes Yoyo Club in NY, and has had the great pleasure of getting to be a regular at the Spindox and DXL clubs. He has been a modder, has created delrin yoyo designs on a mini-lathe, and designed the One Drop CODE2. JRod regularly attends yoyo contests and loves learning new 1a and 5a tricks – introduce yourself and trade tricks if you see him at a contest! He currently lives in NY with his wife and is a professor of anthropology.


That’s my ugly mug on the right…

Hey there folks. My name is L.J. I’m a father of five with a wife of 26 years. I’m a partner in and run a restaurant in Rochester Michigan.

I started yo-yoing around 1996 or 1997. The magic shop next to the restaurant I was running at the time carried Tom Kuhn stuff. I bought a couple Roller Woodies, No Jives, Sleep Machines and an SB2. I picked up from the same shop the McBride VHS tapes and I was hooked. From around 1999 to the beginning of 2008 I yo-yoed on and off (more off than on I’m afraid). Since 2008 I don’t think there have been many days at all when I didn’t yo-yo.

I’m happy to help out in any way I can. Just shoot me a PM.



Hiya, kids, hiya, hiya. :wink:
I’m in the Minneapolis, MN area where a lot of famous yoyoers live.

I’m an old school trick guy. I’ve been yoyoing for a long time off and on. I’m mostly a casual player though I have competed in the ladder event at MWR and MN States. My favorite yoyos are the YYJ Hitman and the DM II. I also have a real soft spot for TK/BC wooden yoyos. I was active with the Xtreme Spinners yoyo club for a couple of years until it went into hibernation.

I also enjoy canoeing and camping, as well as pretending to fish occasionally.

Shoot me a PM if you have a question or need assistance.


I’d like to thank all these guys for contributing so much to the yoyo community. Keep it up guys!

Hey, Vegabomb, what restaurant?
I live near Rochester…

Mr. B’s :slight_smile:

If i’m correct, vegabomb is relatively new to yye, but not that other forum? I might be wrong…

Hello there friend. Been here for a couple years. Didn’t post often but always was a reader. :slight_smile:


Hello vegabomb!! I am also in Michigan!

another one in the michigan crowd ;D

hello mods… I see you quite often

I am also kind of in Michigan.In northeastern Indiana about 25 minutes from south bend and about 25 as well from the Michigan border.

I should stop by and throw with you some time… It definitly wont be anything regular cuz that would be a 4 hour trip, but I take I-69 to get to my aunts house

Ya that would be fun to meet up also I found someone in granger but he is busy in the winter

All you guys rock. This is not only the best yoyo forum I’ve come across its the best forum by far

Thanks to all the mods for the help in keeping it fun,
And thanks to andre who knows what “show me a trick in laymens terms” means

K now I have to yo…er go…er I think I was right the first time :):slight_smile:

Nice to see the faces of moderators…These guys are so helpful. Now we need one from Texas…lol

I totally agree.

What, that we’re helpful or we should be from Texas? :wink:

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There’s already at least one Texan moderating, so you guys can rest easy. :wink:

Anyone in CA? Maybe even SF if I’m lucky?

Any of you now what they do at the san diego yoyo club? I went to the website and didn’t find any info about what they do at the meets.

It’s mostly 1a and 5a players, but one of the members is very good at diabolos, and one specializes in 3a play. The club is just an opportunity to hang out, yoyo, trade tricks, and have fun. You should check it out.

So does that mean you go? When is the next meet if you do go. Also if you go, how many people usually go?