meet another past yoyoer...... again

Alright so for you guys who don’t know i have ran into several people that used to yoyo. So i was talking at my lunch table with my friends and my friend Sydney that i am still getting to know. So we talk and everyhting and i ask "
hey do you want to try i have a spare yoyo in my backpack!"
she politely says no and says
“nah i probably don’t remember any of the names of the tricks i used to do”
So then she talks some more and she says
“oh yeah i had to stop yoyoing because my mom put a limit on how many yoyos i could buy so i had to stop”
So then she says “yeah i need to get back into the hobby it was really fun”
Then i reply back of course (you all know what i am probably going to say)
so then we talk more and she says
“hey i have 2 cases of yoyos at my house in my basement do you want them?”
i reply “YES”

so now shes giving me her yoyos Friday because that’s the next time i see her that’s if she remembers ;D ;D

whaaaaat!!! pictures please when you get them.

No fair! Like alecto said, pictures please! :smiley:

If there are any fixed axles in there you don’t want, hit me up.

If she’s giving you all of her yoyos then she’s not starting back.


You are so lucky

I know but that’s why I’m here.

Ummm, so why is she giving you her yoyos?

I can see it now:

“Sorry if they’re rubbish, they’re all a few years old…”


Those are so pretty, aren’t they? I’ve heard those are super expensive. Do yoyos have markdowns? :smiley:

she doesn’t Yoyo anymore.

Wait was she in the hobby of yoyoing or buying yoyos?

Let’s be honest, it’s rather hard to do one without the other. The yoyo thirst is real… :stuck_out_tongue:

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thus you end up with collections like TA’s

Abby, you should definitely let her keep at least one yoyo and try and convince her to get back into throwing. You never know, maybe once she see you throwing or if you guys talk about it more, she will want to get back into it. Then you will have someone you know throw with you. You never know, it might be worth a try. :wink:

yeah that’s what I’m thinking too.

yea its always nice to have a friend to throw with,i really love it because my frind and I could be practicing the same trick and then they go a different route r get another trick out of it that i never even noticed that possibility,and then ditto for me,i could be doig something they didnt notice,then they teaching ladder snowballs and snowballs(so much fun) 8) 8) >:( ;D ;D ;D