Maverick vs Prtotostar v dash vs grindmachine


Hi guys,
Which yoyo out of the ones listed above or any outside suggestion should I buy. Currently I have the raider and can do all the basic tricks and can do man on the flying trapeze and I can also perform a bind. I like all the yoyos up top but I feel the protostar and grindmachine are very large. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance


no maverick its responsive i dont like the protostar so i would say northstar if you dont wan’t to learn hubstacks or graindmachine if you do


Mavericks are responsive and are very narrow. I’ve played a protostar and it is an AWESOME throw. It just works for me. I don’t know about the northstar but I’ve heard it’s prone to cracking. The Grindmachine is harder to use due to it’s narrow gap. Just my two cents.


I love the protostar… And in my opinion is miles better than the grind machine… It has superior stability, sleeping and agility abilities… Only thing it’s lacking that th GM has is the hub stacks… But if you want something a little smaller, I suggest the yyf nova… It costs a little more, but it’s a metal, smaller, and performs like a beast! ( I throw a supernova lite, and it’s one of my favorites)