Matte Draupnir


First Question: I read that the Matte Black Draupnir has a wider gap than the normal one, is that true?
Second Question: I see that all the big YYR guys use the Matte Black Draupnir. Does it have better performance?



Wider gap Draups are new matte black, attune, 44Clash, EYYC 2015 and YYA

And no,the matte black doesn’t outperform the others


Does is snag less? That is a problem with my Berserker SS


it’s supposed to, but I honestly couldn’t tell the difference.
Never had this problem with the first Draups, never had this problem with my SS neither


Try change the pad?


I only avoid raw ones. cant feel much of a diff between different color anodizings
99% of snagging with established tricks can be eliminated with the proper technique


The snag started to go away if I did the speed combo perfectly so… :-\


most of the times u only need to raise one of ur hands a little


i tear out half of my pad for full unresponsive feelings


I also do not have this problem with my Berserker SS. It’s one of my less snaggy throws and I use a very thick string with it.


I don’t think I’m going to buy a draupnir if its not the Matte Black because all the pros use it even the guy who won the 2015 nest cup Hasumi Izuru


the matte green and purple 44clash ones works just as fine


Yeah but I imagine the 44clash one is harder to find and I like the look of the black. I would go for either of those three.

Since most competition backgrounds are black and shirts too, a neon string with the black looks like you are manipulating the string and it looks so cool :o


Remember… Aesthetics does not = performance

A raw will perform just as well as a matte black
Just because the japanese yyr members like the matte, dosen’t mean they would ever consider not using another one; simply preference…


If you bape one you see the difference


Even in a new trick circle on FistSalud the guy is using matte black


Damn, you’re obsessed! get a black one if you want, at least they are very easy to find


They look so good I would sell my soul to satan for one


or you could sell an organ and get several draups .*.


I heard kidneys are worth a lot