Valor or Berserker SS


Really dont know what to but, been reviewing almost 2 months for this
can you help me to decide the best?

(2Sick Joey) #2

Both are insanely awesome. Just ask of you want to spend more or less? Both handle everything you can throw at it and are smooth as can be. I personally play my Berserker SS a little more but I also love my valor just as much.


The weights are very different. Do you want something heavier (Berserker) or more “all-around” (Valor)?

I already own a Valor and it gets my stamp of approval. I’m sure keen to get a Berserker SS now, though. :wink:


okay, i think i have to buy valor, i just have to buy it without any doubt again, and stop asking blablabla vs blabalbal anymore


im getting berserker ss btw :slight_smile:


Haha! Enjoy!


i choose it because of it has wider gap, and my tricks consist of multiple layer of strings…
but i will buy valor next time i have more money

(major_seventh) #8

Well that shouldn’t be the reason lol, but I’d personally go with the SS as well if I could.


but really, wider gap help me better in practice because it’s not going to jam easily