krown vs sleipnir

Both are the signatures of shinya kido first was the sleilnir then the krown which is better are they similar and how are they against each other at horizonta or smoothness etc.

I have a Krown and will have a Sleipnir popping through my door soon (yoyogeezer you gentleman!) so I will be able to give you a better comparison when it turns up.

Sleipnirs have been discontinued, so it will be much easier for you to get your hands on a Krown, and probably for cheaper than a Sleipnir.

Both are fantastic throws, both will be very smooth and both will be great for horizontal. You cannot go wrong with either so it’s just a case of which you like the look of more.

I dont mean to hijack the thread, but what Sleipnir did ya get?

Benson Fok edition. So flipping excited. :smiley:

You two got my two last Sleipnir’s. Now I only have one. Glad to spread them around though.

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I really do appreciate it mate, it was incredibly kind of you. It’s going to a good home. :smiley:

Yessir, mine should arrive Wednesday, and i’m flippin’ excited as well.