Matrix trick trouble.


I’m having a little trouble on the Matrix trick. on the second flip off it causes me to do this awkward elbow thing and can’t seem to do it smoothly.


I use to do that to.


ya i also do that to somtimes when i do the trick fast and when i was learning it too but when you are doing the matrix just do it slow then every time you land it try it faster until you find the speed your looking for


It helps if you slightly turn sideways when you are first starting. Once you get good you will be able to do it smoothly and fast.


best advice… practice makes perfect… the more you do it, the more you figure how to do it smoothly… there are plenty of other tricks that require the same thought… one that hooks a lot of people is spirit bomb… be prepared to throw it a thousand times before it comes together nicely…

other than that, break it down, do it slowly, and gradualy speed up… but quality over quantity( quantity equals speed here)


Yes yes yes!!! do this. Rotate your body just a little bit, then you will be able to do it without moving your body, only your arms. And practice makes perfect.


remember slow is smooth, smooth is fast…and work on your throw…thats my problem…I run out of spin after the first matrix…


If you get really frustrated, just take the elbow part out. Example, land a double or nothing, drop untwist, and your in a trapeze. No need to twist just get back in a double or nothing. But the elbow twist I think adds some class to the trick. I just bend my body a bit to adjust. Practice! This trick doesn’t really look good unless you mastered it and you can preform it smoothly.


i also had problems on the trick just do whatever everyone else said like practice it also that part is optional the second roll also keep your hands close so you can instead of twisting your elbow twist your hand


It took me a while to learn to but dont get frustarated it took me a few weeks of practicing to get it down. Just keep practicing.