Matches made in heaven!


It’s been a while everyone. I run Modern Momentum on Facebook, and the Blog ‘Pittsburgh is Spinning’ Please support by friending! No pressure…

Anyway. I took my Koncave from a superwide and placed it inside a code two with spikes. This is an awesome combination. The weight of the yoyo goes perfectly to the poly six I use. Match made in heaven. How about yinz? Please leave multi examples.

-Jake C


me, some good music, and a good throw


Feels good when you find the “ideal configuration”.

Code 2 with disc side effects, BG1s, stock bearing.

Anglam. Flawless as it comes.


Twisted Trifectas in a heavy Chief laced with Kitty String (kind of the only string I’ve been using for months now. Though I haven’t tried any player signature string, I’m not sure if I buy into them. Literally. Not sure if I’m down to front the extra cash on a regular basis. shrug)

Koncave in a Canvas

Center trac in a Genesis with a YYJ Takeshi dice

Koncave in a Dark Magic 2 or Trinity

Crucial grooved in a Code 1 (al domes, stock, or al ultra lights)

Stock Overdrive

-I’m a huge fan of Twisted Trifectas and these yoyos will all probably play better with TTs in them, but I haven’t tried. I always just end up putting them in my favorite Chiefs.
-I also like OD 10-balls, but I’ll always reach for a curved bearing first (yes, I’m well-aware of the flat bearing/curved bearing suicides debate, but I just prefer a curved bearing. Might make me feel better on a psychosomatic level)


YYF Supernova Lite, Centre Trac bearing, yellow Kitty poly.


(M.DeV1) #6

YEAH3, Konkave bearing, yoyoexpert EXPERT string. I’d like to introduce you to a horizontal playing masterpiece.

(laxdude99) #7

White Brazilian, Center Track, any yoyo


hunger, food
thirst, water

(Owen) #9

Yoyo half, other half

<3 match made in heaven <3


arctic circle, twisted trifecta, kitty strings, and koan sound

ah ~<3


Peaks with gstring.