Which bearing konkave or tWisted trifecta

Help please

twisted tri is basically a konkave but with ten balls and a small extra groove to center the string so it’s basically a upgraded konkave.

i would go twisted trifecta if i were you ;D

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It’s more of an upgrade on the Crucial Grooved, but with 10 balls an a shallower profile.

They are nice. I think the price between a Crucial Grooved, KK and Trifecta isn’t that big of a difference. All perform great. I only prefer grooved bearings in yoyos that I tend to have issues with them being very grabby.

which yoyo(s) are you planning on using this bearing in. may seem like a stupid question, but can make a HUGE difference. didn’t like the capless that much at all until i put a crucial grooved in it. trifecta, KK, 10 ball, normal flat, i didn’t like the yoyo at all with any of these bearings. KK btw being my fav bearing. i don’t even like grooved in general, just in my capless. with the other bearings, it was just a little better than your average budget metal, now it is challenging my some of my YYR and CLYW for my main throw spot… and its winning…

Honestly I think that all string centering bearings are a novelty. I use flat and only flat. Been trying bearings for over 8 years. I’m still stuck on stock flat bearings.

I like Icthus. He’s got a very hard preference for flat bearings.

I mostly play flat bearings as well. I am willing to try stuff. But, usually, I end up back where I started with the flat bearing I started with.

My concept is to try everything and then find what’s best for you and that particular yoyo. I found I liked a KK best in my Speeder 2 and Meteor, but my Chaser worked best with the flat bearing it shipped with. I put the Trifecta in my Hazmat and went back to the flat bearing. I just ended up liking that better.

Experiment and have fun. There’s no “right”, there’s what is “Right for you”, and that’s what’s important.

If you can’t out throw the stock bearing you have, why bother…

twisted trifecta