Twisted Trifecta or Crucial Grooved

I’m giving my Cupcake a bit of a makeover. I’m going to get it a new bearing. It came stock with a Crucial Grooved Bearing, and I was just going to get a new one, but I just saw the Twisted Trifecta and it looks really cool. What do you guys think? Stick to what I know or try something new? What’s your preference?

Not to sound like I don’t care but:


If it was me, I’d clean the bearing you have out really good, then figure out if you’re going to lube it or Dry Play treat it, proceed according to that decision and it should play a lot better. That may be all you need to do.

Given a choice, which do I like better? The Trifecta. Which is better? That’s a matter of opinion and preference. I’d say if you’re anxious to try something different, then Trifecta would be a logical decision. Worse case is you don’t like it or you end up with a spare bearing you can try in other yoyos. The Crucial Grooved bearing is really good too. Maybe it is a good time to just mix things up a bit?

However, not to be cheap and rob sales from YYE, I’d just clean the bearing in acetone and Dry Play treat it, put the shields back and get back to throwing it. If it was me, that’s what I would do. That is also my official recommendation.


I’d take Studio42’s suggestion and just give the Crucial a good clean. The Trifecta bearing isn’t so different that it’d worth changing. If you have to try a different bearing, maybe give a flat bearing a go. Despite my general preference for shaped bearings (I’m a sucker for centre tracs), I like my Cupcake best when it’s running on a One Drop 10 Ball. Not saying this is the ‘best’ option, just what I find works best for me.


Thanks everybody! By the way, I didn’t mean my Cupcake needed the new bearing right away, and I’d clean it before I switched it out for good, anyway. I was just going to get an extra bearing to have around.

I think this i s the type of logic I’ve been promoting.

I think many of us should buy some of the different bearings and try them in various yoyos to see what works best for them. There’s no single right answer, and there’s really no wrong answer either. I always recommend experimentation for those who have the ability to do so, and/or the desire to do so.

I honestly don’t care what people choose to use, just as long as in the end they are happy with their configuration because that’s all that really matters. For some people, playing around finding the “magic set-up” can be a lot of fun. I think it’s best when one takes a yoyo they are intimiately familiar with so they can really see what a difference a bearing can make. After that, it’s onto the same thing with strings!

well, the trifecta Is just a copy of the CGB, but i do loke trifectas.

the trifecta is basically a crucial with ten balls rather than 8

Older Crucial Grooved were flat with a groove in the middle. That’s the one I always picture when people ask about Crucial Grooved! But the ones currently available here are basically like the Trifecta.

thanks everybody for helping me out! I’m gonna go with the Trifecta just to try something new and experiment with, as I’ve been told many times to do. :slight_smile: thanks again, guys!

In a nutshell, that’s pretty darn close.

They took the concept of the Crucial Groove and ran a bit further. Steeper angle(more from the KK), grooved(from the Crucial Grooved) and 10 Balls from the OD 10Ball. It’s supposed to be a touch smoother and keep the string further from the response(when wanted), but like with grooved and shaped bearings, bunching can always be an issue.

I’ve had good results with nearly all bearings.

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