matadador wth dm

read my other post for explanation. can u eo mqtadador wth dm.


Can you do a matador with a DM?

You can-- In Operation Dark Magic it’s the first trick andre does-- It takes a LOTof practice tho.

That was a thumb grind.

And I am not so sure that you can successfully pull off matador tricks with a DM. Don’t take my word for it though.

Its not exactly a matador, the trick is a thumb grind on the innermost rim, it spins on his thumb but gives the illusion that it is a matador like trick.

Matador can only be done on yoyos with spikes, or yoyos with a matador indent like on the yoyojam black night.

Both are very cool tricks though.

Love em!


So I can’t right?

Nope. But you can however, thumbgrind on the inner rim and tilt it so it’s horsontal. The dismount will be really hard though. I think you actually have to whip the yoyo into a gyro flop. But I am not completely sure of this.

Yes, you can. It just takes practice, and a good amount of it. Just understand that there are yo-yos way better set up for doing this sort of thing. The “nubs” on a DM aren’t matador spikes, but they’ll do the trick.

For inspiration, I give you some kid pull-starting his Kickside like he had hubstacks on it.

How do you do a matador with a dark magic?

How can you do a matador?

YOU DONT HAVE TO POST 2 TIMES IN A ROW. YES you can! VERY VERY VERY VERY hard but is possible. If you took a drill and carved the nips on the side to a point then it would be easier.

Like instructions…